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Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory

Chris Wallace

portrait I am a Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellow, and head of the DIL statistics group. I am also a visitor at the MRC Biostatistics Unit.

As a statistician, I work with biological datasets to understand the mechanisms underlying human disease and identify possible treatments. Such work is only possible with close collaboration with biologists, and I moved to the CIMR in 2009 to pursue these collaborations. During the GWAS era, we, and others, identified many genetic polymorphisms that alter risk of human diseases such as type 1 diabetes and hypertension. My focus has now mostly shifted towards understanding the cell specific mechanism through which these variants affect risk of different immune mediated diseases and intermediate biological traits such as gene expression. Statistically, my current work is focused on variable selection, Bayesian model averaging and empirical Bayes false discovery rates, applied to integrated analysis of multiple related datasets.

I contribute to the DIL stats blog, where you can find details of recent papers, and keep notes about R at my code blog.

Group members

  • Mary Fortune is a Wellcome Trust four year PhD student working on colocalisation analysis in dependent datasets.
  • James Liley is a PhD student working on multiple disease GWAS analysis.
  • Arcadio Rubio Garcia is a PhD student working with sequencing and expression data.
  • Hui Guo is now a lecturer in biostatistics at University of Manchester.
  • Xin Yang has moved to KCL.
  • Nikolas Pontikos has moved to UCL.


Most of my current software is distributed in the form of R packages. Published and maintained packages are available from CRAN, while "in progress" packages, together with intermediate updates of CRAN packages can be found at github. I put notes, and try and flag updates at my code blog.

There is more detail on individual packages and older software here.


A list of publications with Europe PMC links to open access versions of papers.

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Links and contacts

T 01223 761093
@ chris dot wallace at cimr.cam.ac.uk

[ DIL stats blog | code blog | github | ORCiD | Google scholar ]


  • Research Fellow working with the BRIGHT study into the genetics of hypertension 2003-2008.
  • PhD: "Genetic Susceptibility to leprosy: methodological issues in a linkage analysis of extended pedigrees from Karonga District, Malawi", LSHTM, 2003 [thesis]
    (part of the Karonga Prevention Study).
  • Statistical programmer, Imperial, 1997-9