Disclaimer: The software on this page is no longer supported and is to be used at your own risk.


This directory contains the C and C++ source files for SPLINK, TRANSMIT, PED2SPL, GH2STAT, and SNPHAP. It also contains packages for analysis of genetic association studies for the STATA statistical system with some exercises, and some miscellaneous programs in the R language.

Currently, the programs available are:

The following packages are not maintained but are still available on the site

The following packages have been removed:

For license and copying details, please see the LICENSE file.

Wider use of these programs is bound to throw up errors.

Programs other than those which must be run within Stata were written for a Unix environment. On Microsoft Windows platforms, the easiest way to implement them is by using Cygwin, which emulates Unix and includes the necessary compilers etc.

The files listed below - which are compressed groups of files - have had their names and line-endings tweaked to suit either UNIX or PC users.

Please see the INSTALL file for further details.

David Clayton
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